Some of the services offered by Let's Go Fido!
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Got a new puppy? How wonderful! Time to get puppy socialised and playing nicely with other dogs, and learning basic obedience. Let’s Go Fido! runs puppy schools in three locations in Neutral Bay, Willoughby and Balmain, in Sydney. Click on the picture to find out more.
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Yes, you can have a well behaved dog you enjoy having around. Let’s Go Fido! runs all levels of the Hounds to Heel courses, from the basics to advanced skills, which will give both you and your dog confidence. Click on the pic to find out more.
Get Out Of My Space !


Does your dog dig? Bark? Attack other dogs? Jump on the kids? A Let’s Go Fido! behavioural trainer will visit and give you tailored and effective techniques for you to put in place so you can love life with your dog again! Click on the pic to find out more.

Both Jessie and I learnt so much from your classes, we are both more relaxed with each other.

Anne & Jessie Dog Training

Thanks for all your help. Delilah and I had a lovely hour long walk this morning which was 100% enjoyable. Unheard of a few weeks ago!

Megan & Deliliah Walking Clinic

Lou, I can’t thank you enough for helping us.

Dianne & Charlie Dog Training

We have really enjoyed this.

Lisa, Les & Molly Dog Training

What a difference!

Tina & Milo Dog Training

Thank you for all your help, everyone comments on how much better Jem behaves.

Lizzy & Jem Behavioural Consultation

Lucy and her parents would like to thank you Nicole for your great instructions.

Jack, Ruthi & Lucy Dog Training

Thank you again for helping make our boy Geo the beautiful man he is becoming.

Carole, Liz, Katie & Geo Puppy School

My puppy and I both had a huge amount of fun doing the classes, and best of all, I have a really nicely mannered doggy now!

Alix & Macy J Puppy School & Dog Training

Lou has helped us to see Ginger differently and taught us new skills to help her. As a result we have a very different dog.

Dannielle & Ginger Behavioural Consultation