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Can Your Dog Training Habits  Forecast How Much  You Are Going To Indulge This Christmas?

Can Your Dog Training Habits Forecast How Much You Are Going To Indulge This Christmas?

I know a strange idea. But when we started to investigate there was a direct correlation

If you are a pet owner that always asks your dog to sit at the kerb, sit before letting them off the lead, towels your dog before allowing them into the car or home, then you are not going to overindulge this Christmas and your weight gain is minimal if any.

However, If you are a “she’ll be right”,  “let’s sit  for one of the 10 streets we cross” type of owner and “Ahh you not that dirty attitude on arriving home”, then you are on for a more indulgent Christmas  and a potential  New Year Resolution of losing the weight gained.

“No” ….. I hear,” But” …… colleagues started to get angry and defensive. “Why is indulging in the Christmas spirit being displayed as bad?” “Why is gaining weight bad !!!”, “I don’t want to sit my dog at every corner” can be heard.


Stop, Please There is no right and wrong here. What there is, is a correlation between habits building muscle memory and if you like creating autopilot responses that reduce risk or I think create paws 🐾 sorry pauses.

When sitting at the kerb, you reduce the risk of getting run over. You stop and take time to connect with your dog. You have a choice point for a period of time to easily change direction

Move this to a party

“Would you like a drink ……….” Just like the kerb, there’s a stop and move forward drink or not. You take time to connect “ How many have I had?“ You are at a choice point to change direction.

If you are the dog owner who makes decisions when in the situation …..No car coming so we will keep going. No need to ask for a sit.

Then, yes you are making decisions but all the time. This can be exhausting and sometimes it is so exhausting, you don’t rely on muscle memory you have to make a new decision every time.  so the next time you approach a road. You just adapt to the situation to make another decision to ask your dog to  stand or wait or sit or keep moving

Move this to the party

“Would you like a drink?”……Yes please, I would love a bubbles

You are not considering not having a drink but which drink. You are answering the immediate question just like the approach to your road crossing

by pixabay

So if you are want to be more involved in your decision making at parties. Start looking at your dog training habits. If you  don’t have a dog this could be the start of a healthier you xxxx


Written by Louise Newman (Who does like a glass or two)

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