Hutch doing his thingLet’s Go Fido! is a training company committed to supporting your dog throughout its life.

Dogs are never too old to learn. Let’s Go Fido! runs a series of dog training courses which will teach you how to train your dog, using effective and humane positive reinforcement techniques. Whether it is in class or on the streets training your adolescent or adult dog, at a walking clinic or at one of the regular social walks, Let’s Go Fido! provides a range of training options that keeps us in touch with your dog and their behavioural development.

Together you and your dog will achieve a level of communication and understanding that will enhance the relationship between you both.

Courses on offer are:

People ask me why our training works, and it’s actually very simple – with positive reinforcement you build good foundations. Positive reinforcement does not mean throwing food at your dog but teaching and watching your dog make educated, good, calm decisions that you then reward. This relationship encourages dogs to think… yes your dog, wanting to work with you, wanting to show you what they can do.

Our courses inspires owners to realise that they can create the communication and relationship they want with their dog. It means you the owner need to be more dedicated to doing what you need for your dog. The results are dog dependent, like us, each dog has different rates of learning but that does not mean they can’t achieve the same outcomes.