Let’s Go Fido! understands that time is precious. That each dog is unique and has strengths in different areas. So with all that in mind,  we have created workshops so you can choose what you train, when you train and you can choose how often you train.

You can choose to focus on one skill and do as many workshops as you like on that one area. You can also book in for all the workshops again as often as you like.

what you need to work on with your dog.

Come! workshop

Nothing is more frustrating than a dog that does not come when called. For some dogs it is water, they love the water and you cannot get them out, for others, it is other dogs and you can call them until you are blue in the face and they still we be off gallivanting with their doggy pals.

Come! workshops are all about creating that relationship where your dog wants to come to you. You are as tantalising and fun as the birds, water other dogs. Come recalls can start with frustration and end with tears of joy so be prepared to work.

Stay! Workshop

Asking your dog to stay outside the shop is a skill. Most panic at being left and start howling and barking. Others hate being tied up with strangers around and start chewing on their lead or pacing and tangling themselves up. Others feeling insecure and start jumping and lunging.

So, the workshop focuses on building your dog’s ability to settle, to cope with being restrained and to cope with being separated from you. This workshop is all about working with your dog and building trust and moving at their rate. This workshop will grow your relationship with your dog and is a great bonding experience for both of you.

Walking! workshop

Often dogs are well behaved except on the lead, because of the distractions of the environment when walking. You may not realise it, but the environment is always against you; your dog has so many more things to see, hear and sniff! There are many reasons why your dog may be acting up. Your dog may have been an over exuberant puppy that has previously learnt to run and jump at anything that moves in the park. Or you may have a rescue dog, a dog that’s nervous/ timid or a dog that has been injured.


The key to loose lead walking is about consistent and clear communication, building that bond between you and your dog. The Let’s Go Fido! walking Workshops open the relationship between you and your dog, making you fun and of value to them.