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How many Levels are there?

We offer 4 Levels, each with a fun, relevant set of criteria for you and your pup to master before moving up to the next level.

How often can I train?

Each week we will ensure you have several opportunities to train at your level. This means you can book in and train at the same time and place, or you can change when you train and where depending on your schedule each week. You can train once a week or multiple times a week. The level Program is so flexible.

What happens if I am away?

Each Level class is teaching relevant life skills appropriate to that level, which means missing a week due to work or personal reasons does not mean you miss out on a part of the curriculum that is never going to be repeated. You can book back into that level on your return and continue succeeding.

Does it make a difference if I have owned a dog before or am a newbie?

An owner who has had dogs before, who trains once a week may progress through Levels 1  quickly.  A first-time dog owner may come once a week and take longer to build their foundation skills BUT most importantly neither owner feels frustration at the pace or pressure to keep up.  It is all about you and your pup as a team and the journey you need to build the relationship you want.

How personalsed is the training?

To ensure quality learning for you and your pup/ dog, we ensure the class size is between 4-6 pups/dogs and all our trainers are qualified, experienced, and committed to professional standards and ongoing accreditation.  Which makes the lessons so relevant and practical whilst extending your knowledge and skills level.

How do you join the Level program?

Everyone starts at Level 1 with an orientation session.  Those joining us with some previous training need not feel they will be held back. Each lesson you can be assessed to move up  We want to meet you and have a personal connection with you. Moving through the levels or by attending more than one session a week you are going to meet many of the Let’s Go Fido Trainers so it is important that we get to know you at the start.

How do I book in and what is the cost?

All our booking are done online. First, you will need to choose your Pass and then book into our next orientation session and then you can start training straight away.

We offer 4  Passes  each access to all the classes on your level or below

A 6 Class  Bronze  Pass costs $300

A 10 Class Silver Pass costs $450

A 6 month  20 Class Gold  Pass is  $800

A YEAR  40  Class Platinum Pass is $1400

How many times should I train?

We acknowledge that training once is great but two times a week is more beneficial. Our sessions are held in the  NSW School term dates and no classes will be held during the school holidays.

Now you have your Pass sign into the next  orientation class and get started 

How long does it take to move between Levels?

This really is owner and team dependent but we would like to think that most teams would have moved onto level 2 in 3-5 weeks. The higher Levels are more taxing so some teams may be here for a term ( 9-10 weeks). It really is up to you and your dog.

What are the skills for each level?

Each level has its own page, click on each one to see the skills being mastered in the respective Level. You will use these pages to book into your session.  All this will be explained at the orientation session too.

Can I Train with my friend?

We all know that being supported is important to learning something new.   Having a friend in your session is fun. Of course, you can stay together, just wait until both of the teams have mastered the skills before moving up.  We will host a social event several times a year for everyone to catch up and enjoy each other company.

Is the Level Program Suited to Reactive dogs?

We ask that dogs who are reactive enrol into our Reactive Rover program. The aim of this program is to build skills allowing both the owner and their lovely dog to remain calm in the proximity of other people and dogs.  Those that can achieve this are welcome to join our group Levels program. For some dogs, group training may be their idea of hell and we would encourage private training to continue.

What happens if the class I want is full?

We hope that this will not be the case since we will have each level offered more than once in each of our venues each week. But in the unlikely event, we will have a wait list so if someone cancels we can still get you into class.

How do I cancel my session?

We understand that sometimes routines can be sabotaged. We ask that you cancel within 24 hours so that other owners on the class waiting list can be notified. If you fail to attend we will give you a call and check you are okay BUT please do consider those on the waiting list.

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