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LGF-kids-dog-jumpingDoes your child have a love affair with your dog? Are they eight years of age or older? Then the Let’s Go Fido! Kids & Dogs workshop is for them!

LGF-kids-good-labThe Let’s Go Fido! Kids & Dogs workshops teach your child and dog to work together while having fun.

The first section of the workshop focuses on obedience, teaching your child how to give commands and rewards to the dog and building up their confidence as a dog handler.

The second section of the workshop brings on the fun and laughter! The kids and dogs get to work on agility skills and equipment such as jumps, tunnels and other exciting things.

The Let’s Go Fido! Kids & Dogs workshop teaches children the importance of clear communication and positive reinforcement techniques when conducting dog handling, and enhances the bond between kids and their dogs. The workshops are limited to three hours.

Please fill out the contact form to the right of this page with your details and we’ll send you information on how to enrol in theLet’s Go Fido! Kids & Dogs workshop and answer any questions you may have.

Want further training for your child & their dog?

We love teaching a complete set of kid’s dog training classes, but their busy lives can make it difficult to coordinate. If you find the Let’s Go Fido! Kids & Dogs workshop fuels their desire to learn more, contact us and we’ll give you more information about other training courses.

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