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The Let’s Go Fido! Level 3 classes

Congratulations on graduating from Level 2! In Level 3  we start turning up the distractions asking you and your pup to work further away from each other and for longer durations.

Skills to be mastered by the owner-dog team are to be able to

  • walk together with a loose lead in busy and distracting locations. (15m)
  • maintain a loose lead when a change of pace slower or faster is asked for
  • call your dog to you quickly in a distracting situation  (food and dog distractions) (15m)
  • send your dog away to a mat to relax for a duration of time (3m, min 30 secs)
  • calmy exit or enter vehicles and /or buildings without pulling on the lead or lagging  on cue
  •  sit or drop on cue for a duration of time whilst the owner chats (min 30sec
  • offer a chin rest or feet up so that a groomer or vet can calmly work on your dog (min 30 sec)
  • play excitedly in a new location with their owner and calmly leave the toy on cue and then settle
  • Leave objects on the ground

The Let’s Go Fido! Level 3 classes are held at our  Willoughby and Hunters Hill venues. You are welcome to book into as many classes each week as you can attend. Click on the class you are interested in (on the right) to book. See you in class soon 😉

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