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Happy Training In 2019

Happy Training in 2019

The Let’s Go Fido Levels Program has gone live!

So, if you are looking to reduce the stress of dog ownership in 2019 then we can help you.

As a New Year present, we are offering a 15% discount on all the packages until the 10th January. This is a one off deal and we wont offer it again so jump on board. The code is Levelsjan10.

Our levels Program is aimed to reduce the jumping, mouthing, the pulling on the lead and the barking Instead  we want to create calm greetings when you and guests arrive at your home and an owner dog team who are looking at what challenges they want to crack with their training moving forward. Proactive training rather than reflexive

What is Levels Training?

Levels Training is a member’s only training program. Owners and their dogs can join one of four types of level’s memberships:

  • Bronze     6 weeks
  • Silver        10 weeks
  • Gold           6 months
  • Platinum  1 year

The levels program consists of four skill levels.

Each level introduces new skills to your dog while continuing to practice previous skills with more and more distractions. Although each level has specific skill requirements which must be met prior to moving on to the next level, you and your dog progress through the levels at your own pace. Move through all four levels or choose to stay at a lower level. The choice is yours!

“It’s a new twist on dog training and allows busy owners the flexibility they need to really teach their dog”, states Louise Newman

Benefits of Levels Training over traditional classes:

• All the dogs in each level are at a similar stage in training. This allows instructors to better address the needs of each dog.

•Work at your own skill level, for as long as necessary. No falling behind since there is no requirement to move up.

•Students can revisit a lower level at any time to brush up on previous skills.

•Dogs move in and out of each level throughout the training, which provides new dogs as distractions each week.

•Students can take time off, if they have a very busy week or have trips away for business or pleasure. Just return to class at the same level without fear of falling behind.

•Have extra time in your schedule? Attend as many sessions as your scedule allows.

For more information about the Levels Program and how to get  your package and enrol, jump on the website we hope it is clear and answers all your questions. If not, then please contact and we will be in touch soonest.

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