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My Dog Is Sooooo Stubborn!

My Dog Is Sooooo Stubborn!

Have you felt this too?  So what is stubborn

According to the dictionary..

Having or showing , determination not to change one’s attitude or position on something in spite of good reasons to do so.

So what does stubborn look like. I went to see Mark and his dog Freddie to find out.

 Me “What is the issue?” .

Mark .”He won’t come at the park.I have taught him and he comes at home but at the park he does not . Freddie looks at me sometimes and heads off in the opposite direction!”

 “Show me how, Freddie comes at home”

Mark picks up the lead and rattles it.Freddie runs from outside into the room  and stops 2m away from Mark. Mark walks over to Freddie, there is some jumping and Mark puts on the lead.

So I said “So shaking the lead  and harness might mean come in sight of me and stop.Let’s test it”

Freddie is outside again. Mark shakes the lead and harness and Freddie comes in and stops 2 m away

“Oh” says Mark.

“That’s ok, let’s see some other ways you have taught Freddie to come”

Mark places Freddie outside again and he then picks up Freddie’s food bowl and bangs the side.Freddie is in the room in a flash and sitting in front of Mark.

“Now that’s a recall” I say

Mark puts the bowl on the floor and tosses in a few biscuits.

 “Let’s test  it again” I say

So we put Freddie back outside and go out to the front garden. Mark bangs the bowl and Freddie comes through the house full speed to Mark and sits,Mark places the bowl on the floor and tosses in a few biscuits again.

That’s great But show me what you do  at the park” I say

We place Freddie outside again,Mark bends down, hands reached out in front   before  calling “Freddie come ,Freddie come ”

Freddie comes into the house, not super fast and stops, 3m short of Mark

Mark calls again “Freddie come ,Freddie come” and Freddie rolls over.Mark walks  over and strokes him.

I ask Mark to repeat the exercise, just as we had the ones before and this time Freddie did not come into the room.

I asked Mark,  “Which way, the lead , the bowl or your voice  worked best at getting Freddie to come”

“The bowl” Mark said.

Which one worked least ?.

My voice he said. I had videoed each skills.So we watched them,in both the voice and the lead skills, Mark had leant down or crouched with hands outstretched.

“That’s the problem. We can fix that, but until then would you consider taking a food bowl to park or recording the sound and playing it as your cue?” I ask

Mark said ” No way , that’s stupid . He needs to come when I say so.”

I replied “Mark I think you are suffering from stubbornness too, on this one “

To teach well you need to observe the progress your student is making  and where they are struggling

Are you a stubborn teacher ?


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