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Congratulations on getting a puppy, you are their new family! It is a wonderful time full of joy, excitement, and promise.Your puppy will now look to you for guidance, leadership, play, shelter, comfort, food and water. To help you confidently raise your puppy, Let’s Go Fido! would like to welcome you to our family, offering support for you both with our Puppy and then Adult dog services.

Puppy Set Up

Let’s Go Fido! will come to your home and go over everything you need to know and do, to give your puppy the best start in life, so you and your pup can confidently start the process shaping your pup into a lovely, well-mannered dog. We explain toilet training, help puppy-proof your home and set up the puppy’s sleeping, playing and feeding areas. We’ll explain how to conduct play time, select appropriate toys and how to tell when your puppy has had enough.

As each puppy and household is different, the Let’s Go Fido! trainer will discuss guidelines around interactions and expectations for your puppy and your family.  If you want to know more about our Puppy Setup service, please contact us .

Dream Puppy Course

This course starts and finishes before your puppy is fully vaccinated. (Which mean your puppy needs to be between  the ages of 8-14 weeks to start) It is so important to continue calmly and positively exposing your puppy to everyday objects, guests, neighbours, other animals and other puppies.  It is vital that you continue to develop your puppy’s socials skills that have been initiated by their littermates and first human family.  The course goals are to

  • Increase the bond between you and your puppy.
  • Enable  owners to interpret their puppy’s body language
  • Equip owners to manage appropriate play and interactions
  • Equip owners to toilet train their puppy
  • Understand that behaviour is a response to the situation
  • Teach using positive reinforcement
  • Train basic skills

We make time for questions and help you troubleshoot any issues that come up. The Let’s Go Fido! Dream Puppy courses run for 4-6 weeks and are held at Willoughby Vet Hospital, Balmain Vet Hospital and 4 Paws Vet in Neutral Bay. Click on the class you are interested in (on the right) for more information and start your sign up process.

What happens after the Dream Puppy Course?

Training a dog to be your companion or your families companion is not a four-week course or an eight-week course is a commitment to training until your puppy has finished developing, which for most dogs is 2 years of age.  So Let’s Go Fido! have developed courses for each developmental stage. The next stage for your puppy would be learning to cope with life outside your home, now they are fully vaccinated.  The Let’s Go Fido! Levels program instills good manners such as waiting at gates, learning to settle anywhere, sitting for guests, walking calmly with you on the lead, coming when called. The Let’s Go Fido! Levels Program is a membership program running for 6weeks or for a term.  the program is run locally to ensure you and your puppy continue to learn and have fun together.  Please check it out , Level Program

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