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Kyra has always had a love of animals, from guinea pigs, mice, cats, birds, fish and horses. But her passion has always been with dogs, specifically how they behave. So it’s no wonder that 7 years ago she began her journey into the formalised study of animal behaviour and health. From working in veterinarian clinics as a vet nurse (earning the name, “the cat whisper”); managing a hobby farm with various species; volunteering as an instructor at Sydney All Breeds Dog Training Club; to even working with Elephants, Sloth Bears, Leopards and Exotic Birds in India as a keeper and an Enrichment Officer, Kyra has had varied experiences with many different species.

She is constantly updating her knowledge on training techniques and her computer is full of webinars and studies about dog behaviour.

Kyra has spent 29 of her 31 years living in Sydney, as well as living in Budapest, Hungary teaching English as well as Manchester, England managing bars. She lives in the Botany Bay Area and is primarily involved in our Balmain classes.

Her motto is, “There is no such thing as a stupid question. Only the search for further understand”.


• Currently undertaking Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services with Delta Institute
• Sydney All Breeds Dog Training Club – Instructor and Education Officer
• Certificate IV Veterinarian Nursing
• Certificate II in Animal Studies
• Statement of Attainment Advanced Canine Behaviour
• Statement of Attainment Introduction to Feline Behaviour
• Statement of Attainment Advanced Feline Behaviour
• Statement of Attainment Solving Pet Behaviour Issues in Dogs and Cats
• Statement of Attainment Behaviour Modification and Rehabilitation of Dogs and Cats
• First Aid Certificate
• Working with Children Check

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