Changing the way we train

Keeping up with all the changes in the dog world and with your needs as our clients is the fantastic part of our job. ……….So we are delighted to announce some changes we hope will suit you and your dog
Dog training is lucky enough to be in an era where universities are being funded to further their knowledge of how dogs learn, process information and how they apply their knowledge to familiar and unfamiliar situations involving people and or dogs.  This is fascinating and we will continue to share findings as they are produced through the Facebook page.Adapting our curriculum to take on board these finding is essential and imperative to the quality of training Let’s Go Fido exists for.  That is what we have been doing over the last 6 month, reading and putting ourselves through courses to extend our skills and update our teaching methods.
But this is only half the equation.There are your needs, it is very clear fact that you, our fabulous clients are very busy. We are always on the phone emailing and chatting with clients about their needs. You all understand that dogs dig, bark, hump, and drink and eat the most disgusting of things in the name of being a dog.Managing this, providing appropriate outings and outlets is one part of our training.Teaching alternative behaviours when you are home and when your dog is off lead is the other. The key again to any good dog is the relationship they have with their owner and this comes down to communication and how positive the time together is for both the human and the dog, the outcomes.
Making time for your dog is not always easy

Was it you, who said?

  • “Getting a dog was the best decision”,
  • “We love this little fella” “She is so smart”
  • “He could do with some more training”
  • “She is great at everything except coming when I call!
  • “You make it look so easy, I need more classes!”
  • “Do you have sessions on loose lead walking please?”
  • “The weekends are jam pack with sport.

Well, we have been listening here at Let’s Go Fido. We heard that scheduling training is hard.  That being able to pick and choose what you learn is important to you and flexible training times even more so.

 So, we have come up with a new approach, you can custom what you train when you train and where you train to suit your needs.

You can choose to focus on one skill and do as many workshops as you like on that one area. You can also book in for all the workshops, as often as you like.

So Charlie is enrolled into the Recall workshop 3 times a week for the next 3 weeks. Hank is enrolled on Saturday morning working his way through all the workshops. It really is for you to custom what you need to work on with your dog.

It is so Exciting.

How do I enrol?

It is all online so quick and easy. Just finds the workshops you want, click on the link and book in. Click here  to skip to the workshop page 

Who is eligible to enrol in a workshop?

Dogs over the age of one, with the exception of Walk and Train or Hounds to Heel graduates who can enrol straight away (Please look at our reactive classes if your dogs are struggling with socialisation at this point)

Where are the workshops held?

The workshops are held weekdays and weekends in Hunters Hill and Willoughby


$60 per 1.5hour workshop

Packages of 3 available at 5% discount and 6 at 10%discount

We are so excited to be able to allow you to custom your training …  WE cannot wait to see you in the workshops