Come ,COME, COME!!!!!! Need help with that Recall?

“Fido come, Come, COME!”

We have all felt that frustration, shame, or even fear, as our dog decides to ignore us and head off.

We hear you, your dog is so good at home, great when no other dogs/rabbits/scooters are around. The simple fix is to keep them on lead. However, if you want more for your dog then ………

Let’s go Fido is here to help you train a great rocket-fast recall. We have a proven program that works! A 6-week, small group class.

Lots of individual attention, support for at-home training, and time to answer your questions.

The results allow you to feel confident and relaxed whilst allowing your dog off lead to play, sniff and engage with you and their environment.

If you don’t think your dog could cope in a group setting you may like our “OFF Switch” course or start with one of our one-on-one bundles.

Make that rocket recall dream a reality … Check out this link for class times. Dont see a time that suits you? Email to get on, our  Waitlist List and we will endeavor to work around you x