Is your dog barking at all hours of the day and night? Getting out of the yard and running away? Snapping at other dogs when you take your dog for a walk? Are you feeling stressed and anxious every time you walk out the door with your dog? Unable to relax around your dog? You are not alone!

Dogs are wonderful companions, but like people, can act up or behave badly for a variety of reasons.

Some of the more common issues Let’s Go Fido! have been asked to help with are:

  • Jumping up onto people, over fences, all over children.
  • Running away when called, having to be chased, getting out of the yard and not coming back.
  • Pulling on the lead, dragging walkers, lunging towards other dogs and/or people.
  • Aggression towards humans or other animals, in the yard, on lead or off lead when out and about.
  • Digging holes in the yard, under fences and in other inconvenient places.
  • Barking for no apparent reason, responding to other dogs, complaints from neighbours/council.

One of our Let’s Go Fido! behavioural trainers will come to your home or, if you’re not in Sydney, talk to you on the phone.

Our consultations are informative, personalised and effective. We’ll work with you to address issues or problems with your dog. If we believe it’s required, we will refer you to a specialist.

Some of the solutions we may suggest could be:

  • Training calm on command.
  • Walking clinics for dogs that drag or lunge on the lead.
  • Learn to interpret your dogs body language.
  • Addressing exercise routines.
  • Management strategies.

Our aim is for you to enjoy life with your dog, and do that we help you create a relationship between you and your dog so you set them up to succeed. With persistence, patience, positive reinforcement and support from Let’s Go Fido! you can relax and love life with your dog again!