One-on-one consultations happen for many reasons.

This can be as simple as you don’t have time to train as often as needed, to as complex as not knowing how to help your dog, with a complex behavioural issue.

We have TWO options for you.

Option 1  We train together 

One of our Let’s Go Fido! behavioural trainers will work with you, either coming to your home or, if you’re not local, training with you on Zoom.

Packages  Please specify which you would like when you book in

  • One x 1-hour in-person session $242 Inc GST
  • Two x 1-hour in-person  sessions $462 Inc GST
  • Four x 1-hour in-person sessions $836 Inc GST* valid for 3 months
  • One x 1-hour ONLINE  session $150 Inc GST

Option 2   Personal Day Training

We help you supercharge your training by doing some of the training whilst you work.
Costs for Personal Day training  (one-month packages)

1 trainer session per week (4 x 45min sessions) + 2 owner sessions  (1  at the start of the month and one at the end ) = 6 sessions in total: $935 exc GST
2 trainer sessions per week (8 x 45 min sessions) + 3 owner sessions ( 1 at the start, midway, and at the end )= 11 sessions in total: $1,590 excl GST


Please email us, so we can help you decide what will work best for you.