Do Dog’s Believe in Santa?

Does your dog believe in Santa?

IMG_3343          Christmas is a time for giving.

Whether this is an opportunity to give a gift that:

  •     Includes others
  •     Spoils others
  •     Assists others
  •     Commits time or finance to others

Our desire to do this, to seek out the perfect gift for the individual, is  in my mind what Santa and the elves are all about. Santa commits  every year, the elves, his researchers, collect information to  understand what is occurring in our lives.

Every respectful dog believes in Santa, in fact to be truthful, they

think Christmas comes everyday. Check out that list again.

You, yes you, are Santa to your dog.

You include them, spoil them with cuddles,  throw that extra ball that makes you have less time to get ready for work, you assist them, helping them find their lost ball, oh yes and the big one, getting that kibble out of the box into their bowl.


So simply ……….Yes dogs believe in Santa


So given this huge responsibility of realising that your dog knows you are Santa……

………..  What are you going to give your dog this year?

Some ideas

Dog Charities
logo-feature-asdog vets beyond                             logo-feature-animalwelfareleaguensw




Let’s Go Fido has our own  favourites. Maria works at Sydney Cats and Dog Home. I have ties to Australian Support Dogs. Animal Welfare League worked with Delta in the early days and most of us have heard of the RSPCA. Vet’s Beyond Borders is a lesser know charity but I feel noteworthy.

  • Oh to be a dog
    Oh to be a dog
  • Beds . I love Snooza beds ……all shapes and sizes and durability.















Good quality  nutrition makes such a difference to  behaviour. Raw diet is something that I consider time and time again but the convenience of a balanced good quality researched nutrition  brings me back to dry food at the moment.




Wanna Play
Wanna Play


Enrichment toys are an essential to preventing unwanted behaviours such as digging and barking. Boredom Busters, as they are sometimes refereed to. Some of our favourites come from the Kong, Aussie Dog and Bussybuddy ranges.







No self respecting owner would be complete without spoiling themselves or their dog on a cool collar or a groovy t-shirt. Check out this site for cool t shirts







BUT all dog owners would agree the greatest gift we can give is time ……..

on that note ,I wish you all a very Merry Christmas .