Do You Love Your Time with Your Dog?

If you answered ” Yes ” straight away without hesistation . Fantastic. If you hesistated after the “Yes” , with a “But ” or “Only When” or “Not when ” you are not alone.

When I asked a group of dog lovers this question …. These factors came up to blockers to having a great time with your dog

Running late ………… so the time is significantly sabotaged and the walk becomes more of a military march with no time for so much as a ” Good Morning ” to passers-by.

Rain ….. Unless you have newly arrived from the UK most Aussie dog owners are not fully equipped with gumboots up to their knees and raincoats down to their ankles to prevent some or not most of us from getting drenched. The general consensus being that being soaked at the end or the start of the day was a bummer

Mud / Sand / Dirt ………….all three are necessary ingredients to a good romp from a dogs perspective.Whether it is just the freedom and desire to roll and wriggle or the need to dig and be creative or to wallow and cool down … Dogs just love this stuff. Funnily enough whilst some of the dog lovers did not mind these elements entering their cars. They drew the line at the front door and tempers flared when dogs regularly needed a hose and towel dry each return home.

So what would you say if I could tell you that there is an alternative? Time with your dog where events ran to schedule …….where you get gets exercise mental and physical without having to get wet….. where they stay focused on fun with you without losing them to puddle wallowing …….

and best of all whilst you are still having the best time with your dog week in/ week out

Yep, there is a way to have it all .. … Let’s Go fido Levels Program. A flexible program held mid-morning, after lunch weekdays and on weekends. whether you want to do agility or obedience there is something for everyone. for those with years of experience to novices.