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The Let’s Go Fido!Getting into Sync

Sync, being the keyword here. Without that relationship, outings become a battle of wills. Pups will want to explore and engage in their environment and we must provide an outlet for that. However, we must also create and provide a history that following our instruction keeps them safe and leads to reinforcement too.  Training needs to be fun for you and your dog. It is imperative you understand the process of training and how he skills link to build a great recall, a dog who walks with a loose lead beside you and most importantly a dog that seeks you out to engage with outside your home.

This is a 4-week course (1 hour each week ) costing $225

Skills to be mastered by the owner-dog team are to be able to

  • Your pup/ dog  to follow your hand signals for increasing duration and  focus
  • Your pup wanting to move beside ( loose lead walking ) you for greater distances with increasing distractions
  • Your pup wants to play with you, for an increased length of time, with a novel object and will release and calm on cue.
  • Your pup  recalling with speed, then increasing the distance, then increasing the distractions
  • Your pup confidently going to their bed and understanding if they are going to be called away soon or are being asked to recall for a duration.
  • Your pup learning to be still for handling by the public and professionals

The Let’s Go Fido! Adolescent Life Skills classes are being held at our Willoughby and Hunters Hill venues.  Click on the class you are interested in (on the right) to book. See you in class soon 😉

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