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The Let’s Go Fido!Getting into stride

Now that you understand the process of teaching a new skill we need to start generalising the skills. This means training them  that the skill is still the  same in differing locations and  when up against distractions.  It is imperative  that your pup feels secure if they are to draw upon the training your have already done and so generalise the skill to new situations

Skills to be mastered by the owner-dog team are to be able to

  • Your pup/ dog responds to their owner calling their name in increasingly distracting situations
  • Your pup/dog is able to follow your cue to sit both in front of, beside and between the owner’s legs and hold this position for over 20 secs
  • Your pup dog can follow your cue to drop without a lure and hold that position
  • Your pup/dog can follow your cue to come to you quickly when called 10m away with mild distractions around
  • Your pup/ dog will leave mild distraction with and without a lure
  • You can calm your pup/ dog down and maintain this calm after play
  • Your pup will offer two feet up or a chin rest to allow you to handle and brush them up to 20 seconds
  • You can play tug with your pup and verbally cue your pup will swap out their toy for another quickly
  • You can send your pup to bed from a distance of 1m
  • You and your pup can walk with a loose lead over a 10m distance with mild distractions around

The Let’s Go Fido! Adolescent Life Skills classes are held at our Willoughby and Hunters Hill venues.  Click on the class you are interested in (on the right) to book. See you in class soon 😉

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