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The Let’s Go Fido! Hoopers Classes

Hoopers is so much fun.

Simply, your dog is off lead and you guide them through and round a series of obstacles. Sounds so simple and the concept is  BUT  this is where the fun begins …. guiding your dog is not always as easy as it looks .

You do need  a sense of humour , you do need to believe in your dog and you do need to practice.

I cannot rave about this sport enough. It builds a great trust between owner and dog.  Hugely improves the confidence of dogs, they understand what you are asking for and it is  so much fun fun .

I would recommend that you have completed our “Teamwork”  and preferably “Getting into Stride”  courses or equivalent before starting Hoopers.

Term 1 2020

Hoopers Beginner classes are on Saturday Mornings at 8.30am, Nice and cool for the dogs, 5 classes , one hour each . $300

Hoopers Advanced Classes are being held on Wednesday mornings at 8am again nice and cool for the dog .5 classes , one hour each . Coffee after . All Home by 10am Costs $300

Please email me for class enrolment details


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