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The Let’s Go Fido! Hoopers Classes

Hoopers is so much fun.

Simply, your dog is off lead and you guide them through and round a series of obstacles. Sounds so simple and the concept is  BUT  this is where the fun begins …. guiding your dog is not always as easy as it looks.

You do need a sense of humour, you do need to believe in your dog and you do need to practice.

I cannot rave about this sport enough. It builds a great trust between owner and dog.  Hugely improves the confidence of dogs, they understand what you are asking for and it is so much fun.

I would recommend that you have completed our “Getting into Sync” and “Rockstar” courses or equivalent before starting Hoopers.

 From term 4

Hoopers classes are on Saturday Mornings at 8.30 am, nice and cool for the dogs, 5 classes, one hour each. $300


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