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The Let’s Go Fido! Rockstar classes

Congratulations on reaching The Last Frontier, working on ensuring your skills can be transferred to any location

The Rockstar Course is the natural follow-on from the” Getting into Sync Course” you have completed.

In the Rockstar course, we have 3 x 1-hour classes at our Hunters Hill venue where we train the skills needed for the scenarios below, which are then tested in an outing in the last 2-hour class. NO pressure to do your homework!!!

The scenarios are.

  • Calm mat behaviour at a café
  • Being able to walk with a loose lead.
  • Coming away from items, people or animals of interest
  • Coming over a larger distance
  • Calm greetings human and dogs
  • Waiting skills around doorways

So, plenty of useful skills. I hope this sounds fun.

Cost is $300 inc GST

The Let’s Go Fido! Rockstar classes are held at our  Hunters Hill venue and surrounding locations. )

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