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The Let’s Go Fido! Rockstar classes

Congratulations on reaching The Last Frontier, working on ensuring your skills can be transferred to any location

Skills to be mastered  in various locations ,by the owner/ dog team are

  • Both owner and pup/ dog are able to walk  together with a loose lead  when there are changes in pace over a distance of 30-50m
  • The owner can call their dog quickly  to them over a distance of 15m with food and dogs offering distractions in a new environment
  • The owner-dog team automatically  pause at doors ways and roads without tension on the lead and enter on cue
  • The pup/dog team can follow  a cue to drop from the owners standing position  for a duration of 1 minute
  • The pup/ dog calmly accepts being handled by a stranger, staying still throughout the process.
  • The pup/dog can follow a cue to go to their bed from 3 m away and remain their calmly for 1 minute in an unfamiliar setting
  • The owner dog can play for a duration of 30 seconds and then the owner is able to cue their dog to successfully drop the toy again in a new setting
  • The owner and dog team can communicate leave several  objects  alone on a walk

The Let’s Go Fido! Rockstar classes are held at our  Willoughby venue for Term 1. Click on the class you are interested in  to book. See you in class soon 😉

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