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boxsmallWe are super excited to bring Nosework to Let’s Go Fido! All our training is based on the K9 Nosework principles. Our aim to get you and your dog hooked on scent and finding it.

What our Nosework foundation course covers

  • How to bring out your dogs sniffing drive
  • Using boxes to introduce scent detection
  • The power of the primary reward
  • Dogs-Detect-CancerObserving and interpreting your dog signs when they are searching
  • Searching interior and exteriors
  • Pairing target odours
  • Handling skills
  • How scent moves

Who can do scent work?

  • Dogs who spend their whole lives sniffing our favourites
  • Any dog, even dogs who cant participate in other dogs sports or classes due to reactivity or mobility
  • Timid, shy or fearful dogs
  • Young and busy pups/dogs

All runs are held one dog at a time. Meaning when you dog is not searching and sniffing , they must be resting in a crate. This means your dog must be comfortable in a crate.

Classes are held in Hunters Hill on Tuesday. Classes are 1.5 hours long and courses run for 3 weeks. Costs $200 Dogs and owners, Owners only (2 per class) $50. Max dogs per class is 3.

You will need to prepare your dog and crate train them.

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