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Do you have a Reactive Rover? What is a Reactive Rover?

A Reactive Rover is a dog that will bark at other dogs. A dog that will lunge and jump at other dogs. A dog that will snap back as a dog walks past them. A dog that rushes up to other dogs at the park and freezes, 50% of the time a fight starts, the other 50% of the time your dog walks away. Or your dog could be a Reactive Rover because they always have their hackles up when they meet other dogs, sometimes the greeting is ok and the dogs play, other times an altercation occurs.

If you are unsure if your dog is a reactive rover, check out our blog post on reactivity.

A lot of these dogs can get on with other dogs. In fact, a lot of these dogs do live with another dog or another pet. They just have no confidence in new and changing situations. They panic, they become over-aroused and that is the end of any rational thinking.

What are Reactive Rover clinics and how can they help you?

These clinics serve 2 purposes:

  • providing you the owner, with critical handling skills so that you are well equipped to deal with challenges that may arise in your community
  • providing dogs with skills to co-exist comfortably in environments that previously provoked anxiety and heightened arousal levels and reactivity.

These clinic aims to:

  • support reactive dog owners
  • teaching owners to keep their dogs safe, under threshold
  • train foundation behaviours
  • train emergency behaviours
  • offering safe practices for new skills

Do we guarantee we will fix your dog?

No, we can’t guarantee your dog will be ‘fixed’ at the end of the clinic. Your dog’s reactivity has not appeared overnight and won’t disappear overnight. Accepting that your dog is not confident and sometimes fearful in situations is vital to you and your dog working through the issues and the behaviour getting better.

Once you, as the owner, recognise and accept your dog’s thresholds, commit to training and building skills under these thresholds then yes your dog will improve with training. The Let’s Go Fido! Reactive Rover clinics help you gain those skills and support you and your dog through the process. Do we have success? Yes, we have dogs that previously could not tolerate sighting dogs across the road, now calmly walking past and accepting eye contact and butt-sniffing from unfamiliar dogs.

What is the curriculum?

  • Week 1: Skills training, emergency behaviours, threshold levels
  • Week 2:  Lead management and “Find it” using cones
  • Week 3: Walking skills and  ” Find it ” moving past the cones
  • Week 4: Using dogs to cue “Find it”

 What is involved?

  • Four x 45minute individual sessions held over four weeks. Support from a trainer both problem solving and assessing your training.

Where are the sessions?

The sessions are held at Hunters Hill so your dog has a safe outdoor and inside location to learn in.

Costs $450

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