For all the new pups or dogs in town.

A quick plan for the first week with your new pup or dog

  • Choose your vet and take your newest family member along to meet them
  • Puppy proof your home … Chewing is a self calming habit and even the chillest of pups or dogs are going to find the first week different. So lots of items that are okay for your pup or dog to chew on and lots of baskets to store the shoes, toys and dirty laundry
  • A designated area for down time . Set up to be relaxing without you being present .
  • Chew toys ,did I mention these
  • Ensure your new family member gets down time, every couple of hours
  • Enrichment toys such as the KONG Quest Range
  • Training treats soft, small and the smellier the better and please talk to your vet about trainers.
  • A good puppy pee remover or a roster to take the pup or dog out .
  • Decide as a household on the words you are going to use for training cues
  • Create a schedule, a tired puppy or dog is a bitey puppy or hyper dog

Most of all be kind , there is so much they have to learn about living with you.