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Start with our “Getting into Sync” course and then proof these skills in our “Rockstar” course.

Our adolescent courses are about building a relationship, without it, outings can become a battle of wills. We create and provide a history that following our instruction keeps them safe and leads to reinforcement too.  Training needs to be fun for you and your dog. Understanding the process of training, really helps to create a relationship where your dog seeks you out, to engage with you, outside your home.

In our Sync course, we teach and extend these skills

  • Tools to build calm meetings with people and dogs.
  • Wanting to walk beside you for greater distances with increasing distractions
  • Wanting to play with you, for an increased length of time, with a novel object and calming on cue.
  • Recalling with speed, then increasing the distance, then increasing the distractions
  • Confidently going to their mat and understanding if they are going to be called away soon or are being asked to relax there for a duration.
  • Learning to be still for handling by the public and professionals

In our Rockstar course, we take these skills on the road moving to a new location each week. Park, Cafe, Street walk, Bushwalk, Beach

The Let’s Go Fido! Adolescent classes are being held at our Hunters Hill venue.  Click on the class you are interested in (on the right) to book in. See you in class soon 😉