Guest Post: Peter and Smudge

Our first attempts at walking resulted in a lot of sitting down. I dreamed of walking , Moooving.

We accepted this behaviour  and pulled up a chair and let our pup take in the world, at his pace. Rewarding calm. It’s amazing what comes past our home.

Then we were moving…. a step! Pup watching, mouthing anything that came within reach.

NOW we are off in a big way…

I am keen, up early, dressed, treats in one pocket, bag and ball in the other. Just need my puppy.

Rule number One in puppy class was reward calm behaviour… well it’s not looking pretty, puppy charging up and down the hall way. Two jumps later, I have the sit I asked for.

Now let’s see if all that treating when I have touched my pups collar is going to work.


No mouthing, twisting round, the lead is on …

We are out the door.

Training words in mind. Any pulling on the lead, means a change in  direction, rewarding calm walking beside me.

Umm, well  I have the pulling dog and we are changing direction.

I can’t reward my pup, he is whizzing to the end of the lead.


Ahh, there we have it, my pup looks at me, we change direction and dare I say it I have a calm dog, quick marker word and reward.

I did it!!!!!

How long ? 5 seconds but what a feeling for those five seconds…

Let’s try again and it’s working.

We are walking together .

This is great!

How far have we travelled, not far but what success.

So on this high point, we turn and head home. It’s been twenty five minutes and I feel exhausted from concentrating and so does the pup.

Until the next instalment

Peter and Smudge (13 weeks).