How to choose who looks after your pet whilst you are away?

Leaving your pet whilst you have a great holiday, is something that all pet owners struggle with. Even those who have great confidence in their pet sitter or kennel … are not spared that guilt and sadness on separation. Our pets are family so handing over that responsibility is huge.

We have tried pretty much all the options over the years.

The ideal carer is someone who mirrors the same working hours as yourself…. loneliness is a breeding ground for poor behaviour and stress.

The ideal carer comes to your home…. less disruption

Truthfully this ideal is often hard to find …. so how to choose where your dog goes too. First up, be honest about your dog and their behaviour. make sure the person or business can cope with your dog  Then check up on the following

Safety, cleanliness, and the amount of individual attention your pet will get a day are the most important things you need to find out about.

Check out references, and speak to the local vets associated with the business/ person.

Visit the home, kennel, and farm ……

Find out about

  • staff ratios?
  • Insurance is a must
  • If the pet minder will be working from home as well?
  • How many other pets will be staying?
  • how long walks are?
  • How many other dogs will be in the yard at the time?
  • How their deal with the dog if they are stressed, hyper, etc?

and go with your gut … No one knows your dog as well as you do.

Have a backup plan?

If you get a call to say your dog is struggling. Be prepared to get them out …   to pay for the extra changes that need to happen.

With all this done .. your dog will thank you, be confident to return, and enjoy their breaks from you too x


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