It’s a Dogs Life

Why are holidays so good for us all?   Is it the change from routine?   The change of pace ?    The opportunity to fill our days with things that we enjoy rather than need to do?

I asked Frankie, one of our many beautiful clients, “What holidays meant for her.”

“A change of rules” was her response. On reflection I think my opening statement could be translated the same way, so I asked Frankie for some examples.


Spa Life
Spa Life


Example Number One.

“My owners would never agree to this  but with my new best friend looking after me …..she understands …. a cold hose down after a swim in the harbour is not enough and  for  my curls and coat to keep looking good, a soak is needed. Never mind the benefits of me being so relaxed after a hour or so just unwinding  in the master en suite.”





Example Number Two

“The food. Now, please don’t think I don’t appreciate the meals my owners provides but again on holiday the rules change. You are allowed to be spoilt, to try new foods and drinks and best of all …. you get to  eat from the table .”





Relaxing is all about the environment
Relaxing is all about the environment


Example Number Three

“The opportunity to really relax.Taking myself off into a quiet area and finding that soft, high perch to just drift away …………..”






The conundrum is how do we bring this holiday relaxed feeling home? Do we try to fill our days with more of what we like to do ? Do we actively reduce the things we don’t enjoy as much? Or do we accept work life but with a new  attitude of slowing down in the moments we enjoy, savouring it?

I asked Frankie.

“I get it, I cant do the things that I did when my owners were on holiday, that was all about me getting what I love  …..  When my owners are back at work ,if I get a trip to the park with them. If I am allowed to do my thing but also asked to  spend time with my owners, working things out with them, training together. I LOVE it.  I want to be free but I want to have fun with them, my owners, too.

So that’s when it hit me … holidays are fabulous……  not  just because we are allowed to do more of what we want …  BUT because we are trusted to do our thing for a period of time and to come back into the routine.  Simple we are given more freedom .

So this year to get over your holiday blues or to keep that holiday feeling a little longer trust yourself and trust your dog .

For those, whom this is not  quite possible yet, check out our Dog Training Page.