Lets Go Fido Coronavirus Update

Update on Coronavirus March 16th, 2020 
In response to Scott’s Morrison’s recent announcement on Sunday 15th of March, Let’s Go Fido is going to implement new practices to provide an environment that is as safe as possible for you all to train at.

Key Points  
-All travellers arriving in Australia will need to self isolate for 14 days and are not allowed into classes 
-There will be no handshakes or embraces. Instead, we encourage toe taps 
-Please bring your own hand towel and your dog’s bed, toys, water, and water bowls to be used in class
-Please wash your hands at the start of class and end of class. We have  always disinfected  before and after each class and this will continue with chairs and sides

The best advice to protect yourself and others from infection is to practice good hand and respiratory hygiene. If you need to cough or sneeze, please do so away from others and into your elbow. Please ensure you then wash and or sanitise your hands thoroughly before resuming training.  

As this is a very complex time, we want to keep  Let’s Go Fido Classes open for as long as possible and we want to make the environment in class, as safe as possible for you to keep training.

We are aware that many people have been told to work from home at the moment.  We will have classes available for you to come in and join. For those in isolation, we do have stand-alone courses with support calls to keep you training
This is the worst(ish) case scenario, we are going to roll out online streaming of training session which you can complete at home.
 These sessions will cover 
 -Stay training on mats, hall runners, the bottom of the stairs
-Loose lead walking 
-Find the toy and of course Fun tricks

The most important thing is that all our owners and families stay safe and healthy during this tricky time, support local businesses where you can and see you in class.

 As always contact Louise@letsgofido.com.au for more information  
Kind regards 
Louise and the team at Let’s Go Fido