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Lets Go Fido has had a busy and fun year. Here’s our 2019 wrap up

First and Foremost “Thank you” for being our motivated and wonderful clients to work alongside . Accepting responsibility for the life you have brought into your homes is full on, as many of your have told us in puppy class . It is often quoted as being “harder than having a child”.

Like all things educational, ensuring that our classes are inclusive, fun and effective is our aim.

This year we co -wrote our manual with a veterinary behaviourist to ensure you, our clients get off to the best start .

All our puppy curriculums changed with more emphasis on

– Handling to prevent human directed aggression,

– Food and toy reinforcers to identify potential food guarders earlier .

-Trick and Skills sessions to ensure the processes by which a puppy learns is fully understood by you and most importantly you can use them, when out and about .

And of course more supervised play sessions. Not only for our pups to widen their play styles but also to increase their ability to read and interpret their playmates body language

But it does not stop with Puppy school . We have a special group of pups and owners who train once or twice a week throughout term . These are our ” Life skills Levels” pups. This year has been HUGE for these owners. I could not be more proud of these clients. The classes are truly special, the fun we have and the bonds that are formed. People often stop and watch our classes , amazed when they hear the young age of the dogs , relative to their abilities or the reason the clients are there and what they are doing to obtain new behaviours.. To our Levels Students “Thank you , working alongside you is sooo much fun and your successes are the reason we love training “

Now please don’t think the fun stops there,….this year we introduced a new dog sport … HOOPERS. This sport is what everybody wants –

Off lead training in a safe setting, with your pup allowed to run round and through obstacles .

I have to confess we often laugh , cry and celebrate in these classes. I would suggest you all put attending Hoopers on your New Years resolution list . You dog is reliant on you for success, if you are unclear, they stuff up , If your are too slow giving instructions , they will leave the course ….

So to the Hoopers gang … “Thank you for having a go” . “Thank you for indulging me with new crazy courses each week “.”Thank you for letting me bring my dog and taking him home “.”Thank you for making my week” .

I would like to go on and on about our workshops and seminars.Which are only available because you our fabulous clients ask for them .

” Lou ,can we try this” . Can you do a session on that “

So to wrap up 2019, Thank you for the time you have given us and your pups. We are very excited for all that we have planned for 2020… bigger and better as always . But until then please may we wish you a wonderfully Happy Christmas and a safe holiday

Love Louise and the Team at Lets Go Fido

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