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Levels Training

Levels Training

Are you keen to have a well-behaved dog and build dog friends within your community?

What is it that makes sharing dog activities with friends so much more enjoyable?

Is it that we feel safe laughing at their cute and messy antics together? Or is it the support we like, when our dog is being a dog and digging where we just don’t need or barking and having a chat with all the other neighbourhood dogs?

Or is it the networking we like, so you can call upon friends to have our dogs for a play date when life is just too hectic and feel reassured, they know your dog and will handle them in the same way as you.

Here at Let’s Go Fido, we have a created a program to have this supportive friendly feel.  Simply called the Levels Program. We have a flexible membership scheme where you can come as often as your schedule allows. Where you can miss a week due to commitments or holidays without missing chunks of the curriculum. Where clients who have trained before don’t feel frustrated by the pace but likewise where new owners don’t feel overwhelmed. Where classes are small, personal and lead by qualified dog trainers.

Dog training should be fun. It should be supportive and it should have clear goals to keep you and your dog motivated You can move to be in a class with a friend or make new friends along the way. Every 10 weeks we will host a social walk where you can catch up with friends old and new.  Like any training, several sessions a week gets better results and yes doing your homework always helps. But we understand that life throws curve balls and sometimes you will be the perfect owner to your dog, training and having fun with them and other times you do need to go to that conference or complete a project.

Training is available mid-morning, after lunch and on weekends, so super convenient times for those not working full time now. For those that are working full time then weekend classes are your thing and these are available both morning and afternoon, so you can still have some down time.

So don’t hesitate to get on board.Enrol or find out home at

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