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Let’s Go Fido New Courses October 16

Let’s Go Fido New Courses October 16

WE are super excited to bring  TWO new courses to Let’s Go Fido.

Nosework  Classes

All our training is based on the K9 Nosework principles. Our aim to get you and your dog hooked on scent and finding it.

Our Nose work  foundation course covers

  • How to bring out your dogs sniffing driveboxsmall
  • Using boxes to introduce scent detection
  • The power of the primary reward
  • Observing and interpreting your dog signs when they are searching
  • Searching interior and exteriors
  • Pairing target odours
  • Handling skills
  • How scent moves

Who can do scent work?
Any dog, even dogs who cant participate in other dogs sports or classes due to reactivity or mobility
Timid, shy or fearful dogs, young and busy pups/dogs

Growly Greeter Courses

A Growly Greeter is a dog that will bark at other dogs. A dog that will lunge and jump at other dogs. A dog that will snap back as a dog walks past them. A dog that rushes up to other dogs at the park and freezes.Or your dog could be a Growly Greeter because they always shy away from dogs and that seems to make them a magnet . When other dogs approach your dog reacts aggressively.

If you are still unsure, check out our blog on reactivity.

What are Growly Greeter classes and how can they help you ?

These classes serve 2 purposes

-providing you ,the owner, with critical handling skills so that you are well equipped to deal with challenges that may arise in your community

-providing dogs with the life skills ,that they need to co exist comfortably and thoughtfully in environments that previously provoked anxiety and heightened arousal levels and reactivity.

These classes aim to

  • support reactive dog ownersHutch doing his thing
  • reform the human animal bond
  • teaching owners to keep their dogs safe, under threshold
  • train foundation behaviours
  • train emergency behaviours
  • offering safe practices for new skills

Do we guarantee we will fix your dog. NO. Your dogs reactivity has not appeared overnight and wont disappear overnight. Accepting that your dog is under confident and fearful in situations, is vital to you and your dog getting better . Once you, the owner, recognise and accept your dogs thresholds, commit to training and building skills under these thresholds, then “Yes” your dog will improve with your training . These classes help you gain those skills and support you.

What happens if my dog or I  cannot cope with these classes .. We are here to help. We would move you to private consultations.


For more information on either of these courses please contact or go to for more information



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