What do we do in our Teenage Courses?

Getting into Sync

5 sessions, 1 recorded video session and 4 x 1 hour classes

Cost $295

This course is for puppies aged between 4-7months. This is a tricky age ... finding that balance of freedom for your dog and responsibility as an owner. Are we doing the right thing? This is where we come in and help you. Your pups are not going to grow out of the jumping , getting hyper aroused, not coming back or stealing others toys. Lets Go Fido gives you the skills and confidence to know how to manage and read your dog. When and how to call them in and calm them. Making your trips out alot more relaxing.

"Local legend" is just that …

5 sessions, 1 recorded video session and 4 x 1 hour classes

Cost $295

Many dogs are great at home. They know your routine and are great to be around until ... the situations changes. This makes life difficult and often we are reacting to cope and no real training occurs . We get this. The Local Legend course is about setting up scenarios so that your dog learns what to do. You feel more confident. You feel more relaxed, life gets better for all. Typical scenarios we work on are

  • Door and Car safety entering and exiting
  • Recall training
  • Loose lead walking in busy setings
  • Settling and calmly waiting
  • Polite behavior when greeting other people and /or dogs
  • See you in class soon x


    4 Personal one on one sessions, 4 x 60min hour classes with Lots of training to be done between classes

    Cost $836

    This course is training a dog to remain calm in changing situations. If your dog perceives it is in danger or feels unsafe I would encourage and support your dog to walk away. This is a course for dogs that are social and easily distracted. The kind that like to be a little too involved in everything. From chasing, counter surfing, to diggers and jumpers. The course is run ,one on run. Initialy at your home and then we take the skills out on the road 😉 The idea is we will start with a trampoline bed and then on to a mat, then on any surface. Some pups may have to start with a crate . I will be giving you a booklet that we will work through together. Most of this training will be done at home, each day. Please email Louise@letsgofido.com.au to start your OFF Training

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    Rocket Recall

    2 session x 60min privates classes. Lots of training to be done between classes

    Cost $462 Having a solid recall allows you to not only have peace of mind but also allows you to responsibly give your dog more freedom. Often we start off with our puppy with great intention to train a great recall. these intention are sabotaged by our emotions ,such as seeing your dog running across the field to play with another dog . This time your dog was safe but another time , this same behaviour could lead to a very different result where truthfully we have zero control over our dogs. Rocket Recall is a structured, precise, consistent proven training pathway We as trainers use it so why wouldn't you? Email Louise@letsgofido.com.au to set up your training times x

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    If your teenager is struggling and starting to react by barking, lunging, growling or aggressing. We can help you, but these classes are not going to be the place to start. Please email us to have a chat at Louise@letsgofido.com.au