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The Let’s Go Fido! Rockstar courses .

 So what do we do in our Adolescent Courses?

“Getting into Sync”  is our Foundation course.

Cost $225

You and your pup learn to work together, enabling you to enjoy walking together, playing together,  building a trusting relationship so that moving away from distraction becomes easier.

We are building muscle memory in both, you the handler, and your pup’s skill repertoire.

First, we need to train for the situation ….  before we can use the skill in the situation .

Getting into Sync Advanced is just that …

Here we start creating scenarios and train for those situations.

Cost $225

For example

  • Door manner
  • Car safety entering and exiting
  • Mat training for meal settings
  • Preparation for vet and grooming visits
  • Recall training
  • politely behavior around other dogs
  • polite behavior when greeting other people and /or dogs

And then  the finale ….. Our ROCKSTAR program

Working together to ensure these  skills can be transferred to any location

The Rockstar Course is the natural follow-on from the” Getting into Sync Course” you have completed.

In the Rockstar course, we have 3 x 1-hour classes at our Hunters Hill venue where we train the skills needed for the scenarios below, which are then tested in an outing in the last 2-hour class. NO pressure to do your homework!!!

So, plenty of useful skills. I hope this sounds fun.

Cost is $300 inc GST

The Let’s Go Fido! Adolescent  Courses are held at our  Hunters Hill venue and surrounding locations. )

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