Living with a dog with FOMO is tough?

FOMO ( fear of missing out ) behaviours can start appearing cute in puppyhood with;

“what’s that?”      “What are you doing there?”      “Can I have that?”      “Can I come?”

It quickly becomes draining as you head past the 6 months mark.

Outings begin to lose their charm when you are dragged over to meet every person or dog. Having your arm wrenched so your dog can reach any object left on the pavement. Having to constantly close bedroom doors. Or putting things up high, to prevent your dog from doing a “grab and run” becomes punishing.


We get how tough this is. Just putting them outside is not the answer. Barking, scratching, and digging now become obvious behaviours. As tempting as it might be to use aversives, you know this will not help long term with the trust between you and your dog, as the underline issue is not being addressed

We have the solutionx This course is called the OFF switch and it is what you have been looking for .

Here at Let’s Go Fido, we have designed a step-by-step course to help you achieve a calm dog, who can dog move past distractions without getting involved. We have weekly classes, giving you support on your home training, whilst helping you master new steps each week.

… Check out this link for class times.

Don’t see a time that suits you? Email to get on, our  Waitlist List and we will endeavor to work around you x