My pup is just so exciteable around people and other dogs !@ Help is here x

Learning to Listen is a skill

Whilst most pups are great at home, many struggle the minute the picture changes and you have people over or you head out for a walk. 

Learning to focus on your cues for sit, drop, stay, come, and walk with me is what we are here to help you with.

these skills are your life savers when it comes to having a well-mannered dog. Getting your pup to the level you need is what we are experts at . This course is the perfect follow on course from puppy school. We understand that your puppy is excitable. We equip you with skills to help them contain this, whilst making it fun for you both. Of course, we have social time for the pups too.

 This course is the one you need

“Getting into Sync” is our Foundation Teenager Course.

5 sessions, 1 recorded video session and 4 x 1-hour classes

Cost $265

This course is for puppies aged between 4-7months. This is a tricky age … finding that balance of freedom for your dog and responsibility as an owner. This is the age where we feel the most conflict as owners. Are we doing the right thing? This is where we come in and help you. Your pups are not going to grow out of the jumping, getting hyper-aroused, not coming back, or stealing others’ toys. Let’s Go Fido gives you the skills and confidence to know how to manage and read your dog. When and how to call them in and calm them. Making your trips out a lot more relaxing. We are focusing on helping you enjoy walking together, playing together, recalling to each other, and building a trusting relationship so that moving away and listening near distraction becomes easier.