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Congratulations on your fabulous new puppy. We are here to help you get the best start and have a lot of fun on the way.

Our aims are to help you 

  •  socialise your pup successfully  at this time
  •  manage this phase of toilet training
  •  prevent them from becoming bitey
  • create a strong bond, based on clear communication and your ability to read your pup’s body language so setting them up for success.

Our classes are held online, with up to 5 clients. We will teach, demonstrate, observe, and most importantly give feedback so all the pups continue to progress. Click on the Upcoming courses are on the right of your desktop or at the bottom of your mobile page.

So, what do we do each week?


Week 1  Theory , Tech and introductions

  • How to positively socialise your pup.
  • How to use reinforcement to train your pup
  • Problem solving Toilet training and biting
  • The process of teaching any skill
  • Body language 101
  • Name training
  • Training game “Flick it”
  • Question time

Week 2

  • Enrichment , what is it
  • How to settle your pup down
  • How to socialise your pup to everyday objects
  • Training Game  “Follow it”
  • Review the process of learning. Name, Sit, Look. Come
  • Your pups reinforcement list
  • Play with me
  • Question time

Week 3

  • How to set your puppy up for alone time
  • Safe,homemade enrichment toys
  • Reviewing settling skills and play with me
  • Reviewing skills, linking them together and adding in distance to come
  • How to prevent guarding of food and toys
  •  Training game  Push
  • Question time

Week 4

  • Training your dog to be handled by vets’ groomers and the general public.
  • Reviewing skills
  • Training a wait
  • Reviewing enrichment toy and upgrades
  • Training games Pull
  • Question time

Graduation week

  • How to train manners around door and prevent break outs
  • Reviewing skills, settle, name come look sit drop, waits and duration
  • Discussions around owner responsibilities preventative medication and husbandry
  • Body Language, getting ready for positive park trips
  • Starting  Loose lead walking
  • Graduation
  • Question time

What happens after the Dream Puppy Course?

Training a dog to be your companion or your families companion is not a four-week course ,it is a commitment to training until your puppy has finished developing, which for most dogs is 2 years of age.  So Let’s Go Fido! have developed some engaging courses to keep you going through your pups adolescence.  The Let’s Go Fido! Life Skills program instills good manners such as waiting at gates, learning to settle anywhere, sitting for guests, walking calmly with you on the lead, coming when called. Please check it out our Adolescent Program[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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