Off Switch


8 sessions, 8 x 1 hour classes . Lots of training to be done between classes

Cost $440

This course is training a dog to remain calm and stay within reason in a set spot . I say with in reason, If your dog perceives it is in danger or feels unsafe I would encourage and support you dog to walk away.
This is not a course for dogs with separation issues This is a course for dogs that are social and easily distracted. The kind that like to be a little too involved in everything. From chasing counter surfing, to diggers and jumpers
You will need a crate. I do have some that you can rent, if you don’t have one .
Why do we need a crate? we are going to use the crate to manage the options your pups have whilst training them ,that doing nothing and hopefully relaxing is a great option.
The idea is we will start with a hard crate , switch to a soft crate for some dog and then move onto trampoline bed and then on to a mat, then on any surface. I will be giving you a booklet that we will work through together.
Most of this training will be done at home, each day.
Now I cannot stress this is not a course to train your pups to cope when alone …..
I am being selective re the clients doing this course since .. with ON ON dogs there is often more at play So if you are unsure email me.