Lizzy & Jem

Thank you for all your help, everyone comments on how much better Jem behaves.

Jack, Ruthi & Lucy

Lucy and her parents would like to thank you Nicole for your great instructions.

Carole, Liz, Katie & Geo

Hello from our trip around the world. We are on the last stretch of the UK section of the voyage. We have noticed dogs everywhere and and have been missing

Alix & Macy J

I attended Let’s Go Fido puppy training, and also the Bronze course, with my puppy. I found the trainers to be friendly, insightful, caring, willing to consider individual cases, and

Dannielle & Ginger

Ginger the red Kelpie came to our family of 5 as an 8 week old pup from a country breeder. We spend the week in the city and most weekends

Danielle & Ginger

Lou has helped us to see Ginger differently and taught us new skills to help her. As a result we have a very different dog.



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