Jane and Evie

“I apologies for not emailing you sooner but wanted to pass on both mine and Rob’s thanks for the Local Legend  classes we did with you and Evie.

Louise and Luna 

“I’m loving the Off Switch course. All the training I’ve done has been valuable, but this one has helped everyone in the house relax. Luna is starting to enjoy relaxing

Karen and Heidi

“Hoopers certainly develops the communication and bond between dog and

Megan and Coco 

“Coco loves Scentwork, as do I. Our bond is much stronger as a result of this and her confidence has grown

Richard and Tilley

“Tilley has done a number of Lets GO Fido courses, however, her favourite course is definitely Scent . She loves the game. We are having a lot of fun

Suellen and Gracie 

Getting into Sync “We learned so much from you and its only week 1. Both of us are hoping that we can remember it


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