Are You Feeling Overwhelmed By Your Busy Young Dog?

Feeling overwhelmed
Are you feeling overwhelmed by your busy young dog? Do you just wish you could hit that Off Switch!
They have been walked, fed, you have done training, played fetch for hours with them and still your dog is acting like the energizer bunny from Duracell !!!“What else can I do?” you ask.
We completely understand how  this cycle of activity can leave you feeling exhausted, confused about your choices and, overwhelmed by the responsibility
Often it is less and “yes” you are right we need to train an Off Switch behaviour. We need to teach your dog to settle on a mat.Our Off Switch program aims to train a dog to remain calm and stay within reason, in a location.
I say within reason, If your dog perceives it is in danger or feels unsafe I would encourage and support your dog to walk away. Do you think you have a location where your dog can be out of the flow of movement in your home, whilst still feeling connected? Often this can be in a study or a downstairs bedroom. This program truly suits dogs that are social and easily distracted. The dogs that like to be a little too involved in everything. From chasing, counter surfing to diggers and jumpers.You will need a crate. I do have some that you can rent if you don’t have one.Why do we need a crate? We are going to use the crate to manage the options your pups have whilst training them, that doing nothing and hopefully relaxing is a great option.The idea is we will start with a hard crate, switch to a soft crate for some dogs, then move onto a trampoline bed and then on to a mat, then on any surface. I will be giving you a booklet that we will work through together.
Most of this training will be done at home, each day.

I do need to have a chat with you about your dog before you start the program.So to get you feeling less overwhelmed and more in control, please Email me about starting the program 

8 sessions, 8 x 1 hour classes . Lots of training to be done between classes

Cost $440