Congratulations on your New Puppy

Our Personalised PUPPY training has all the benefits of Puppy school

How does it work?

Session 1 In your home  ( 1 hour)

Let us help set up your puppy for success in regards to

  • Toilet training
  • Alone time
  • Busy  times when you are home
    8 weeks old, in play-bow stance
  • Meals times  (Yours and Theirs)
  • And managing interactions to reduce  frustration and biting

Session 2  In-home  ( 1 Hour)

  • Reviewing toilet training, biting, alone time
  • Teaching you how to train your pup basic skills without becoming a broken record.
  • Learning the Steps to Training
  • Understanding the value of proactive training over-reactive training

Session 3  Socialising  at one of our venues  ( 1 hour)

In this session, your puppy gets to meet other puppies. You get to use your skills in recalling them to you,  helping them to learn to walk with you and settle in the company of others. We introduce lots of surfaces and novel equipment for them to explore.

This program sets you up for success  at home and builds a smooth transition into our teenage courses

Total Cost $350

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