APDT Australia

The mission of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) is to enhance the human-dog relationship by educating trainers, other animal professionals and the public and advocating dog friendly training.

But foremost the APDT is the main provider of Australia’s Dog Training conferences, attracting world class speakers. Let’s Go Fido! encourages and supports their trainers to continue to educate themselves by attending APDT conferences both within Australia and overseas.

Dogs NSW

Dogs NSW are an association which promotes the welfare of purebred dogs and responsible breeding. They a great starting point for everything canine. From here you can find a breeder, look up your local obedience club, find out more about training and caring for your dog, and how to find a responsible breeder.

Dogs NSW is also the managing body that organises all the fun canine sports like agility, herding, obedience, retrieving and more. Let’s Go Fido! encourages owners to involve themselves as much as possible, and Dogs NSW is the place to go for all things dog!

For more information on Dogs NSW, please click on this link.