Animal Welfare League NSW


Animal Welfare League NSW (AWL) is a registered charity that has been caring for surrendered, neglected and abandoned animals for over 55 years. Their vision to for all companion animals in NSW have a safe and loving home and their mission is to lead the standard of animal care and sheltering. To do this they operates two animal welfare shelters, a veterinary clinic and has 13 branches of active volunteers across NSW.

They are also authorised to investigate allegations of animal cruelty under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. All animals available for adoption are temperament assessed, vet checked, desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and flea treated. Importantly AWL aims to match all adoptable animals with the lifestyle of potential owners, to ensure a long and happy relationship for all.

Let’s Go Fido! offers discounted rates to owners of adopted dogs, because we believe every dog deserves another chance and the people who give them that chance deserve recognition.

For more information about the Animal Welfare League NSW and the services they offer, please click on this link.

Delta Society


Delta Society Australia is a national not-for-profit organisation with one core belief: that the human-animal bond remarkably improves our quality of life and leaves a lasting paw print on our hearts.

There is a special and indescribable kinship shared between dogs and people of all ages. Attention from a dog can brighten a person’s day, make them feel loved and, as has been scientifically proven, improve their overall health and wellbeing. The Delta Society believes that a better relationship between people and dogs will lead to a more enriched and fulfilled life for humans and dogs alike.

The Delta Society mission is to promote and facilitate positive interaction between people and companion animals and their vision is to be recognised as the national leader in animal assisted therapies and positive, reward-based approaches to companion animal training.

The Delta Society do this through four core programs: Delta Therapy Dogs, Delta Dog Safe, Delta Classroom Canines and by offering the nationally recognised Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services course. Please click on the links to find out more.


ASDOG provides professionally trained assistance dogs to people with physical disabilities free of charge. Each puppy progresses through a 2 year training program to prepare them for their future role as an assistance dog. Beginning in the home of a volunteer puppy raiser, the assistance dog journey is founded on a happy home environment and an abundance of social opportunities! Dogs in training then participate in a 12 month advanced program of intensive obedience, skilled tasks and public access training before being matched with a recipient and undergoing the team training required for a proficient working partnership.

Let’s Go Fido! has trained and continues to offer support with the present puppies undergoing their two year training program. The trainers would be proud and honoured to one day to take a puppy completely through this journey (as hard as it would be to hand them over at the end). Let’s Go Fido! encourages everyone to support this charity and consider becoming a puppy raiser and help train the support dogs of the future. It would mean the world to a person with disabilities.

For more information about ASDOG, click on this link.