Willoughby Veterinary Hospital

Willoughby Vet’s desire for continued quality puppy and dog training was and is the source of our businesses connecting. Like Let’s Go Fido, Willoughby Veterinary Hospital wants your puppy to be supported throughout their life receiving quality advice, treatment and support on matters of health, training, behaviour modification and exercise.

Nicole has been running the Let’s Go Fido puppy school at the Willoughby Veterinary Hospital for several years and wanted to extend the skills and change the structure of the course to ensure the puppies were learning how to behave appropriately around animals and people in a calm and respectful and friendly manner. They have an allocated puppy training room, not the waiting area as many vets do, ensuring that the class has adequate space and is distraction free.

Willoughby Veterinary Hospital want to see the puppies develop into ideal companion dogs within the community but also to be prepared and calm during their future visits to the practice. The vets and nurses liaise with our trainers regarding puppies and dogs behaviour needs during their life time and love seeing and hearing of their progress.

If you’re interested in our puppy school, fill out the contact form to the right and we’ll get back to you.

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