LexiPhi helps individuals, small to medium businesses and not-for-profits to get their online presence set up, get their promotions happening, work with their marketing, and get things going. If you have an idea, we can build the campaign around it. Or if you only have half an idea, we will collaborate with you to bring it to fruition!

It’s easy enough to build a website… there’s heaps of sites and people who will do that for you, but getting the content written, finding pictures, getting the look and feel appropriate for your particular market, having to deal with all those niggly technical issues when you just want to do your work – that’s where LexiPhi comes in.

But it doesn’t just stop at websites, we do everything from the ground up. From the creative concept, to branding development, we can take your project through to signage, printed material, catalogues…  everything you need. And it’s all is possible with LexiPhi. You don’t have time to organise it? That’s ok, we’re project managers who are used to liaising with everybody from creatives to suppliers.

No we’re not the cheapest bunch to have doing work but we’re competitively priced and we take pride in our work. We won’t just do you a website and brochure, then dump you never to contact you again. We’ll be here, in the background and we checking in with you from time to time to see how you’re going. We’ve been around for over twenty years and we’re not planning on going anywhere.

So why not LexiPhi Your Life? It’ll give you more time to do what you love, whether that’s playing with your kids, walking your dog, riding your bike or focussing on your business – let your  marketing & design needs be done by us. We love our work and it’ll give you your time back to focus on what’s important to you – whatever that may be!

See the work done by LexiPhi.com here on their website.