Social Walk: 16th September

Saturday’s social walk was wonderful. What made it so good was the care, respect and kindness shown by our clients to each other. No surprise they have great dogs. After a late arrival by myself due to administering First Aid to a cyclist, a big thank you to Carolyn for letting everyone know, the fun started. The park was packed with lots of distractions, kids, swallows, prams, scooters, football games, remote controlled cars as well as a lot of dogs!

Our social walk group was all under one and a quater and they had a ball playing, finding the pup with the same style of play and energy. Chasing here and there. So no surprise when this walk turned into recall training. Some made it look easy, other owners were sabotages by the public cuddling their pup for being adorable and others had to up the value of the pups reward on coming back to them. It was a pleasure and the weather was beautiful.

Thank you to our clients, working with you is such a joy.