Socialising nightmares !

I am amazed at how many times I hear these phrases 

“My dogs fine”

“My dog loves puppies”

“My dog is super friendly”

“Oh, he’s no problem”

I really appreciate the vote of confidence these owners have in their dogs BUT

My question is…..

“If you want a job done, do you interview the mother of the plumber, the wife of the gardener or the parent of the carpenter?”

No, of course not, you would understand that these people would be advocating their husband, child or son because they have a desire to see them succeed, even if they don’t have the experience or skill set yet.

So …..

Why then do we listen to the owner of the dog and not the dogs themselves?

Lack of confidence or knowledge to read the body language in the other dog is what I am hearing my clients shout back to me. Who would you interview for the job?

Well, Let’s change that,  Let’s prevent more puppies being placed into interactions with dogs that clearly have no desire or ability to cope with your young shy or exuberant pup.

Let’s stop pups getting snapped and snarled at, tangled or chased or squashed by other dogs.

Where can you get information on how to read dogs body language from

any good dog trainer … check out to see if your trainer is a member of Pet Professional Guild of Australia


Please take the time to take a look and next time you are out, interview the dogs your pup gets to socialise with. If you like me and have older dogs, read your dog body language and see how they are feeling at that moment. Like us all, they may not be in the mood at that moment in time.


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