Sydney Dog Lovers Show Wrap Up

Sydney’s Inaugural Dog Lovers Show 2014

rescueDay three, the final day of the show is here, the show has been a huge success. What made this show different from so many others was the number of dogs . It was dogs galore , all sizes breeds and capabilities .

greyhoundThis was why I started this blog originally . The more I reflect on the Dog Lovers Show it was conceptually so much more . It was a celebration of how much humans get out of being a dog owner . How did I get to this conclusion ………

Unconditional love was apparent, with the kissing booth running all day and the dogs not wanting to take their regulated breaks ! The message from the show was clear

How could you resist?
How could you resist?

Dogs are amazing animals

People flocked to see the Samoyeds. Why? Because humans want to be connected to animals . For some, they  want to care , for others they want to get out into nature , or desire  companionship , some  want to have a connection with another species  that is built  without words.  For some it is all of these .

So how do you choose your Dog ?

photo 1Obviously with owning a dog  comes responsibility  Health, Grooming, Nutrition, Training and Exercise. A huge  display had been erected giving a short description of all breeds and their sizes , needs and  physical characteristics. It is essential to get the correct match for you and your lifestyle . To understand the ongoing financial and time commitments  required of you, for hopefully the next decade and more.

 7Now this is a serious note . The show supported this with several Pet insurance companies present  . Now I would encourage you all to get pet insurance and to look carefully at the policies since virtually all in Australia are  underwritten by one company , the policies and pay outs are different so please do your research.

 Gotta Love Me .
Gotta Love Me .

Unfortunately  not all dog have the opportunity to spend their entire lives with the same owners . The Show had a whole section designated to Shelters and Rescue organisation . Fabulous dogs up for adoption.

syd uni

Along side the shelter stalls were stalls dedicated to specific breeds . Many things connect and separted these people but first and foremost over the three days there was a  common dedication to the animals in front of them .

Stricter control on  the breeding of dogs and the  purchasing of  dogs is the only way I can see things changing .

Now being at a show means  show bags .

The most prolific goodie being handed out was dog food in all varieties . Some of the stall had  culinary masterpieces , others were hard hitting nutrient listing stalls . There were heated debates around raw diets and then whose raw diet, then dried food , can you mix wet and dry ? Which dry food ?and so it could have gone on …

sash…… so most sensible people headed to a vet and they were everywhere Sydney University ,where vets are trained and qualified  . Specialist centres  had stalls showing the huge range of treatments available for dogs now .

The Ask A Vet stall , sponsored by VetMed,  stall was busy . Sydney City were encouraging  responsible pet owners ship with educational handout and give me space bandanas and leads .

photo 3Now this got me too . With dogs being such an integral part of our lives, we do care about their health. The bond and loyalty between vet and owner is very real. Owners will travel 100’s of kilometres for a vet services if they perceive they are getting the best treatment their dogs need . Choose carefully.

Now a dog show would not  be a show without some canine sports  displays. The moment of wonder . when owner and dog show off the fruits of their labour. The mutual trust and respect between them is very apparent .  The hours spent breaking down a trick into achievable  steps .  The owner and dog not given up on each other. Just more acceptance and a commitment to breaking the skills down again , maybe starting again with different cues .This relationship  all starts with puppy school , then dog training , then specialisation.  Two things stand out here , time and acceptance , not just of  the skill on display but situational training, socialisation , coping with lights , laughter .  clapping , cheering , being moved through crowds , touched by the adoring masses . All these things paramount to success .

agilityAfter each display the crowds would flock to the trainers. What everyone wanted to know was “How can I do that?” The answer is to get involved with a highly qualified positive trainer. The dog training world is unregulated , no offense but a cat owner can call themselves a dog trainer!!! Check out your trainers current qualifications which  associations they belong to , which conferences they have attended.


Enough ranting … don’t give away your puppies education to an amateur or charlatan.  Let’s Go Fido!  was there each day answering question  and linking great trainers all over NSW with people and their dogs .

Passion again guys.

More on that bond .  If we are spending hours each day with our dogs, then get the most  out of it .

Fetching, Obstacle courses, Finding an object, all games owners play at home and garden  can taken to the next level.

safe_imageAs you can image with all this going on it was an action packed fun caring supportive 3 days. You could see and hear the excitement when people watched the displays ,when they sighted the Samoyed at the kissing booth ,when the shelter or breeder brought out a dog for adoption .

Dog owners, trainers , breeders , shelter staff  felt reinforced for the time , commitment they put into their dogs . It reignited dog owners desires to spend more time with their dogs . It opened up the purses and wallets to purchase new toys , treats , food , insurance policies , treatment ideas , leads and collars to moves these dreams forward …it was a great 3 days for dogs.

I can’t wait for next year Dog Lovers Show.If you did not make this year , don’t make the same the same mistake again!

If you or a friend or family member who is considering getting a dog or puppy

Use this article to help  them or yourself  to make the right decisions on where to source their dog from , what they will need to know and expect.  If you or they have any question use the contact page and  Let’s Go Fido! will advise and help as much as we can.