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The Let’s Go Fido! “Team work”  Course

A 3 week foundation course. I know we can all physically get our pups to sit and lie down. This is all about having clear communication, so that our pups know what we want and that they want to please us because it is fun. Yeah.  Gone is the nag or the repetitive cueing;)

pup on lead

The “TeamWork” Program ensures each client has a sound understanding of how to train any behaviour.

“Teamwork”  Skills to be mastered  by the owner-dog team are

  • Your pup/ dog responds to their owner calling their  name  with  mild distractions around
  • Your pup/dog is able to follow your cue to  sit both in front of, beside and between the owner’s legs
  • Your pup dog can follow your cue to  drop with or without  a lure
  • Your pup/dog can  follow your cue to come to you when called 5m away with mild distractions around
  • Your pup/ dog  remains calm whilst you hold their collar
  • You can calm your pup/ dog down and maintain this calm after play
  • You can play tug with your pup and your pup will swap out their toy for another quickly
  • Costs $180

The “Teamwork” classes are held at our  Willoughby and Hunters Hill venues. Send me an email with your interest and we will get you into class asap

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