Dannielle & Ginger

Ginger the red Kelpie came to our family of 5 as an 8 week old pup from a country breeder. We spend the week in the city and most weekends on a farm. We initially did Let’s go Fido’s puppy training course with Ginger. She was one of the more challenging dogs in the group but understood her tasks and learnt her skills effectively. Let’s Go Fido’s foundation skills were ideally suited to teach Ginger and us how to manage a puppy.

However over time she became less cooperative at following instructions. She was very distressed when left at home but would avoid being touched or make contact eye contact. Food incentives, praise and toys didn’t work anymore. Ginger would run from us if she got the opportunity and wouldn’t ‘come’ if requested. All this with normal positive training techniques, and no physical discipline.

Lou offered her services but also encouraged the family to discuss any other options or trainers and to choose the most suitable for Ginger and us.

I felt very comfortable in choosing Lou to continue to work with our very anxious and unhappy dog. We were all distressed at the idea that we might have done something wrong and had damaged her in some way. Lou has been exceptional at reassuring us that we have done everything appropriately and worked hard to show us signs of hope. It seems Ginger has a genetic tendency toward anxiety.

Lou visits us at home regularly and Ginger loves to see her. Over about 6 – 9 months Ginger has been transformed, with us carefully following the training advised by Lou.

I have been amazed at Lou’s extraordinary sensitivity to animal behaviour, human and animal. She has helped us to see Ginger differently and taught us new skills to help her. As a result we have a very different dog. She is affectionate and adoring towards us and trust has been restored. The continuing experience of having Ginger has been such a rewarding and transforming relationship, in many ways thanks to Lou.