The fatal “just one more”…

Polly is 3 years old. She is a jumper.

We love her to bits and understand that we have encouraged her jumping. Enough is enough though and the whole family is on the mission…….. Four On The Floor.

It’s our turn to train.

So Emma, my sister, is outside the front door, the door is slightly open. I have Polly beside me, on the lead. Emma rings the bell. Polly is very excited as usual. She is wagging her tail, standing up and pulling on the lead.

Now my big part. I have to ask Polly to sit and when she does, reward her whilst I ask Emma to open the door wider. It works! Now Emma steps forward. Polly is up and going to jump. Emma steps back and asks Polly to sit.


We should have stopped here but we had to do just one more…

Emma steps forward, Polly gets up, Emma asks again for a sit Polly jumps and then sits!

Kinder good or not…

We start again, Emma back outside the front door. She rings the bell. Polly sits. Emma opens the door wider. Polly gets up, I ask for a sit. Polly does, she really is a good girl. Emma steps forward and Polly goes to greet her. Emma asks for a sit before she can reach her.

She does… yeahhh we did it .

Rewards and high fives all round.

More practice and then Mum and Dad’s turn… No chance.