What training goals are you setting for yourself and your dog?

This article is for those who spend time each day thinking about where they are going to take their dog.   What the weather will be like or how high the tide will be? Where those decisions affect the joy you and your dog get from that location and your time together.

You are in tune with your dog and them with you. Your relationship and trust account are credited each day. Training gets reinforced by opportunities, freedom, and your undivided attention.

So, what can 2023 offer you and your dog?

A challenge…   Trade one or two of your walks for a class.


Dogs love learning, they do this by exploring and interacting.  The very description at the top means, you love training and teaching your dog …   so, the challenges themselves will be so rewarding for you too.

An individual challenge would be Scent work.

Our dogs have noses so powerful, which truthfully, I don’t think I can fully comprehend.  We read stories about dogs who alert clients to changes in their sweat and so alert them about seizures.

Teaching your dog to use discriminate scents, allows them to know things ahead of time, well ahead of our time. It is very humbling to see how great your dog is, when seeking. Scent work never fails to teach me this. I hope the same is for you

Where do I use my scent skills?

  • when it is too hot to go out and walk or play
  • when it is too wet
  • when life sabotages our plans and time is short
  • when the household is chaotic
  • to build confidence around sounds smells or objects

So, you can see why I think all dogs should have scent skills, not just brilliant ones.

 A Team challenge would be Hoopers Training.

Here your dog is off-lead, so they can leave the training session at any time. They get to tell you in no uncertain terms, where you the handler need more training!!!  If it is not fun … your dog will tell you so. So, this is really about working together to reach a common goal

Please do think about what you can do for and with your dog, this year. Lockdown taught us that long stints at home, are not all, they are made up to be x

To give you an idea, my boys will be working on their obedience, and to keep that fun, we will be doing Scent work or Hoopers alongside.  How old are they and why are not they perfect yet ….? Well, I am considerably older than them and still learning, and yes still not a perfect human

 To find out more about what we can offer you and your dog. Go to www.letsgofido.com.au.

 Courses are starting in February, please book in, soon to avoid disappointment.