Want to know more about Dog Body Language ? Read on

Understanding and responding to your dog’s body language is the surefire best way to prevent or to help reduce behaviours problems.

Clear some time

  • Submerge yourself in learning about how dogs communicate,
  • Memorise static images and what they convey
  • Learn about MARS and what it means in inter-dog play
  • Watch videos of dogs playing and trainers, re-viewing their understanding of what is being communicated.
  • Take several trips to the park and watch other dogs playing and think about what you think they are communicating to each other.
  • Which dogs are listening, how are they responding and respecting their needs and other wishes?
  • Observe your dog. How are they going?
  • Are they listening to others?
  • How are they going to communicate their needs to others?

Don’t know where to look to get all of this stuff …  we have it all Email Louise@letsgofido.com.au  to set up  some Zoom or in-person sessions going through  each of these stages  x